Monday, February 16, 2015

I went to Ludophilia 5 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.....

Ok, hopefully not a *lousy* t-shirt.  But since I've finally gotten an artist (my son, Alex) to draft us up a logo and some art, I'm strongly considering getting some t-shirt printed for Ludophilia this year, if enough of you are interested in getting one.  I'm looking at, which can do them for around $10-15 (depending on colors and how many we order), or else I still need to check out the prices at a local place my wife has worked with.

The art will look look something like below.  Colors and font are not necessarily final yet.  But I dig the hip '50s Parker Brothers vibe of the drawing Alex came up with.

If you'd be interested in a shirt, comment here or email me to let me know.  I'm just taking a straw poll at this point.

UPDATE: An Aside from LTC John... anyone else interested (as I am) in a shirt with this on it?


  1. Grey or dark blue... make mine an XXL

  2. Oh, and can we the "ragequit" ones too?

  3. Not funny... I saw this actually happen... Not at Ludophilia of course, but in my youth. Good times, good times...

    1. We couldn't get a Dave Stewart Ragequit one...too hard to show the spitting on hand action...

  4. I have been emailed with a pair of shirt requests for the "Ragequit" logo. (Professor E. Pullin and Son)

  5. I'll take a Ragequit shirt (large)