Friday, January 2, 2015

We have a date and a location!

For any of you who have missed it until now, Ludophilia is the name we've given to our annual 4-day boardgaming extravaganza in the northwest suburbs of Chicago!  It's much too friendly and informal to be called a "convention".  It's just an excuse for friends and friends-of-friends to get together in a large-ish hotel conference room with a couple hundred board games and have the chance to strategize, socialize, and relax uninterrupted.  I bring a select library of games (and other people bring their favorites, too, of course), and then it's open house at the hotel Thursday through Sunday!  Set up your own lodging plans if you want to stay overnight, and everyone is responsible for their own food and drink. 

The weekend for Ludophilia V will be ThursdayMay 28th (8:00am) through SundayMay 31st (2:00pm), 2015.  Please mark your calendars!  I'll be sending out a number of reminders and additional information as the time draws nearer. 

Ludophilia V will again be held at the Country Inn and Suites in Crystal Lake, 600 Tracy Trail, Crystal Lake, IL, 60014.  Phone: 815-477-3500.   This hotel is right off the main drag in Crystal Lake, basically right next door to a Culver's and very near a number of other places to eat as well.  We have the exact same deal as last year, the same room that I think was plenty large to hold us; same cost; and we can again bring in our own food and drink as we wish. 

We have a small block of rooms held for us, so if you're planning on staying for one or more nights, call and make your reservation right away.  Be sure to ask for our special group rate. 

As I say, the room cost is staying the same ($175/day) and we do still have a small buffer in the bank ($361.84), so I'm leaving the admission cost for everyone the same as it's been as well:  $10 per person per day, with a "buy 3 days get the 4th day free" bonus for those who pay in advance.  This is strictly to cover our costs.  If we collect the same amount as we have the last 2 years, we should be able to cover the cost of the room within our buffer. 

You can start registering now by sending check or cash to me at : 
Brad Johnson 
1517 Driftwood Lane 
Crystal Lake, IL  60014 

Remember, the early registration bonus of "buy 3 days get the 4th day free" is good until April 15th (tax day!)  Send just $30 now for full access to the entire 4-day weekend! 

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